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My research into Bachad and also into my own family connection to the British Mandate

has brought about involvement in a number of other projects and events

Other Projects & Events

I had been aware that my dear uncle, Douglas Steele, had served in the British Navy during and after WW2, but only after his death found out details.

Click on 'Haifa / Atlit 2015' to access the story.

Through my research into Bachad, I have had the privilege of getting to know many veteran members of Bachad - some of whom expressed an interest in coming back to see the 'hachsharah' (training farm) at Thaxted.

An outline history of the farm is shortly to go on display at the farm.

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Thaxted's Jewish History

Since starting my research into Bachad, I've been surprised by how little information local people were able to recall about the Bachad Farm Institute. The training farm was in operation between 1944 and 1962 - a significant period of time. Many local people (I've since discovered) had dealings with the farm, but as a child growing up near Thaxted, no one ever mentioned it. There are many reasons.

A number of people I met in Israel expressed an interest in coming back to see the farm where they - or their parents - had trained or worked as Shlichim (emissiaries).

The idea of installing some kind of outdoor display board was put forward. This will be installed in 2022 and simply provides an outline of the history of Bachad and the 'hachsharah' (training farm) at Thaxted.

It was designed by myself with the help of graphic designer, Craig Williams. The images have mostly come from archival sources, including private archives, but a few are from

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