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A Refuge Remembered
A gathering of former chalutzim, their families, friends and Thaxted residents at the former site of the Bachad Farm Institute, Thaxted
Sunday, 18th September, 2022.


This information display board was designed by Verity Steele with artwork by Craig Williams and installed at the site of the former Bachad Farm Institute, Thaxted, on 18. 9. 2022.


It stands alongside an English native oak tree, planted by the Association of Jewish Refugees in memory of the Arieh Handler (1915-2011 ז"ל) and the many Jewish refugees who found haven at this and other Bachad training centres.


The purpose of the board, given as a gift by Verity Steele to the farm and to Thaxted, her home town, is to provide a permanent reminder of the history of the Jewish hachsharah training farm at the site so that this significant history is remembered, hopefully for generations to come.

The following sources of images are gratefully acknowledged:

The Archive of Beit HaEdut, Israel; Bnei Akiva UK; The Klausner family (photos by the late Edith Hepner); Wikipedia (Recha Freier and Henrietta Szold); The late Henry Stern; Ra'anan Ellran (Aharon Ellern); Downpatrick Museum, N. Ireland; Moshe Rosenberg; Ofer Eitan; The Archive of Kibbutz Lavi, Israel.

The Thaxted Story

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Some Key People: (more to follow)

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